Cable Express


•Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) Wiring / Custom Wiring
Our custom wiring crew that has many years of experience can handle the most complicated and challenging wiring jobs.

•Digital Phone , PhoneMAX , DMAX DSL
Along with quality Digital Phone installations, Microexpress technicians can complete “Triple Play Installations” when required.

•Underground Drop Buries
Using utility service providers or our locator equipment, we bury cable drops that include RG-11 and RG-45 and feeder line.

•High Speed Internet Installations
Our technicians ensure the computer is functioning properly, e-mail accounts are correctly set up, web browsers are optimized
and provides the subscriber with a complete demonstration of all features and available services.

•Digital Cable Installations
At the time of a digital/high definition converter installation, our technicians explain, educate and demonstrate the additional
services such as video on demand, digital video recording and high definition program viewing.

•System Rebuild and Damage Repair
We can adequately staff manpower to replace drops for storm damage repairs or for system rebuilds.