Does your PC need troubleshooting? Searching for a safe place for PC repair? Is it not convenient handing over your PC to a store? Microexpress is here to save your time, money and privacy. We provide online tech solutions. We are Microsoft  Certified Professionals we maintain Microsoft's stringent standards. You can contact us via phone, chat around the clock. Contact Microexpress via 787-608-0123 to reach our techies.

Repairs for Your PC

Microexpress offer PC repairs to our customers via online. Microexpress uses a suite of diagnostic and PC repair software to accurately find the cause of any computer problems you're having and repair it quickly. We will simply explain what your PC's problems before fixing them and stop them from recurring. We offer the world's best tech support. Our techies are patient, attentive and polite. We have always got positive feedback from customers. 

Our PC Repair Service Includes

PC Maintenance
PC troubleshooting
Microsoft Tech support
Virus and Spyware removal
Hard drive Backup and Recovery
Troubleshoot Home wireless network
Troubleshoot Network connections
And many other services depending on your problems